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A very dedicated teacher and always put in extra effort in offering consultation sessions on top of the normal tuition classes. Has the ability to engage her students well, and highly recommended to parents who need to seek tuition assistance to your kids in Math and Science.


Mother of Celeste Tan,

Xingnan Primary School

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I came across Tutor Suzanne web page while I was searching for a Sci tutor for my boy last year. He started with her since Dec 2019 and has been enjoying going to her house for home tutor. Due to Covid-19, it has been changed to online tutoring and my boy has benefited from that too.
Suzanne provides her own materials; revision notes as well as homework. She goes through the topic before assigning homework and marks the homework. My boy makes mistakes but he is able to comprehend after Tutor Suzanne's explanation, especially those key points & keywords to remember. Thank you, Tutor Suzanne.


Mother of Jayden Swee,

Corporation Primary School

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Suzanne is a very good teacher. My daughter likes the environment and the way suzanne explains on how to solve the problem sums. She is encouraging too. Friendly, understanding, a very nice person! My daughter now enjoys math! She has shown improvement in maths! Will join the science class soon! Highly recommended!!!

Mother of Nyela,

West Grove Primary School

Testimonials from students

I personally feel that lessons taught are easily understandable, and whenever I need help, Ms Suzanne is easily approachable. This class is a must join for everyone!

Goh Zheng Rui

West Grove Primary School

I really like how well prepared everything is before the lesson starts. Ms Suzanne has a lot of patience and is very approachable. Every Friday, I am very excited for math tuition and after that, I am very happy and go home smiling. 

Jayden Gan

Frontier Primary School

This tuition is very fun and interesting and I would not regret coming here over the time that I have been studying here. The stuff that are being taught are easy to understand and I can apply it to my exam/practice paper daily work. 

Low Jun Yu

Xingnan Primary School

The concept maps were very easy to remember and very useful for upcoming test exams. I really enjoy it here.

Vera Jin

Rulang Primary School

The lessons that Ms Suzanne teachers are very easy to understand and she could explain things that we didn't know clearly. 

Chong Sen Yuan

Xingnan Primary School

The lessons are interesting and easy to understand. The concepts are useful and it is not stressful, yet I can still achieve outstanding marks.

Liu Jiayi

Xingnan Primary School

Ms Suzanne is very friendly so I am not afraid to ask any questions. The lessons are also very fun and interesting hence I enjoy it a lot.

Lai Yan Ting

Xingnan Primary School

My results for my science improved a lot after coming to Ms Suzanne's lessons, and the tips and tricks are very easy to understand and it can be all used in the school examination.

Liew En Qi

Xingnan Primary School

I really like the lessons. They are easy to understand and the notes are useful. There are lots of different ways of learning such as the Science Ninja which makes learning more fun.


Xingnan Primary School

Lesson was fun. Ms Suzanne helped me to understand the answers for certain questions that I don’t understand. She also makes me know how to explain my answers in the correct way.

Yvonne Chin

Xingnan Primary School

It is easy to understand the concepts, and whenever I ask questions, Ms Suzanne answers it kindly. She is a very kind and good teacher.


Juying Primary School

Ms Suzanne helps me to understand the subject more. I like the tuition because the teacher have many papers for us to practice. 

Tan Jing Wen

Xingnan Primary School

The revision package is interesting and fun, the crash course is also fun and rewarding.

Adrian Tan

Xingnan Primary School

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Ms Suzanne teaches very well. Even though sometimes the questions that she teaches would be hard to understand, but I will still get it after what she taught me. She is very helpful and I have improved in my studies a lot. I would really recommend this tuition to my friends. Her lessons are really interesting and fun. How she phrases the questions' solutions is easy for me to understand. 

Jolene Chiam

Xingnan Primary School

Ms Suzanne teaches every subject patiently and always make the topics very interesting to learn. She ensures that every student understands her explanation. She teaches the topics in a interesting and creative way, and it is very enjoyable. She also revises the topics with us by going through the important points and keywords. 

Chloe Xu

Xingnan Primary School

Ms Suzanne's class is fun and the revision packages are very useful. By doing lots of past year papers I have improved a lot.

Claudia Lim

Xingnan Primary School

Ms Suzanne prepares me well before my exam and let me pass with flying colours. 

Joel Chang

Xingnan Primary School

​Ms Suzanne is friendly and easy to communicate with. She makes the lessons fun and understandable. 

Celeste Tan

Xingnan Primary School

​Ms Suzanne teaches a lot of methods of answering different questions and prepare us well for the exams.

Felicia Teoh

Xingnan Primary School

​I like this lesson because Ms Suzanne talks slowly and we can understand better. Every time we we get all questions correct, we will get a sticker, it is so fun! 

Amanda Foo

Xingnan Primary School

Ms Suzanne's class are easy to catch up with and we learn things faster than our school.

Ivy Yeo

Xingnan Primary School

Ms Suzanne's tuition let me learn more new things and improve on my Section B. It let me understand better for Science and the lesson also have some fun in it.

Chew Yuk Yi

Xingnan Primary School

I think I love my class as the classmates are my friends and I can talk about my learning in the class to my friends and family. I told my friends that the tuition is fun and exciting, and told them to join.

Tan Ming Teck

Xingnan Primary School

The questions are quite easy and the explanations of the questions are easy to understand. 

Adelyn Tan

Xingnan Primary School

​Ms Suzanne's class is very fun and I find the topics super easy.

Wong Wen Tian

Xingnan Primary School

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