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Join us on a journey to empower students to unlock their full potential!

Join Our Team!

📌 Are you a dedicated and passionate educator but worn out by the amount of administrative tasks as a teacher?


📌 Are you keen to join forces with talented educators to create a truly exceptional learning experience?


📌 If so, the Tutor Suzanne Team has the perfect opportunity for you! 

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About Our Team

Join Tutor Suzanne and Ignite the Spark of Learning!

At Tutor Suzanne Learning Academy, we strive to be the best in teaching. We are specialists in PSLE and O’Level Math and Science in Singapore, and our primary objective in every lesson is to accelerate student’s learning, and help them score better results.


With an experience of over 10 years, Ms Suzanne has grown from a solo tutor to having a backend team supporting her. She coaches more than 150 students yearly and she is now looking for dedicated tutors to be part of her teaching team.  

If you like the prospects of working in a small & dedicated team, we would love to talk to you about joining us!

Your Role

  • Create a positive and inclusive classroom that balances the learning needs of different students 

  • Deliver engaging and effective lessons aligned with our curriculum – you will point out common mistakes, misconceptions and exam favourites 

  • Establish communication with parents on their children’s learning progress and provide recommendations on how to improve 

  • Work with our Curriculum Design Team to create learning materials that makes an impact for students 

  • Marking of topical & termly assessments to measure the learning progress of students 


Our Ideal Candidate

  • Strong background in subject of specialisation so that you are able to break down complex concepts for our students 

  • Prior Teaching Experience – at least 5 years of teaching experience in subject of specialisation (MOE schools, tuition centres or private 1-1 classes) 

Perks of the Job

  • Focus – You are 100% focused on academic work in the areas of teaching and curriculum designs. Administrative tasks are taken care of by our amazing backend team.  

  • Impact – In a small teaching team, you are one of our VIP. Your opinions and expertise will be heard, and your contributions are more visible and recognised.  

  • Freedom – You can suggest interesting ideas and we have a team that can support to make them happen as long as they align with our business goals. 

  • Branding – Marketing efforts will be done to position you as a subject specialist and one of our keystone tutors. 

Work Information

Work Arrangements available:  

  • 1 Weekday & 1 Weekend OR 

  • 2 Weekdays & 1 Weekend 

Weekday Working Hours – 4.30 - 9.30PM (depending on allocated classes) 

Weekend Working Hours – 9 – 6PM (depending on allocated classes) 

Apply Now and Join our Team!

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