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2.5 Day PSLE Science Revision Crash Course 

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"Top 20 PSLE Crash Courses and Intensive Tuition"

Improve Mastery of Science

The PSLE Science Crash Course is a 13-hour content-packed course where we give a comprehensive review of the key concepts, common "exam-traps", and the golden keywords needed to tackle the PSLE Science Examination.

Students can expect a highly intensive 3-day course which covers P3 to P6 topics, and also exposure to Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions.

Here's what your child will learn from the course

Key concepts across all topics from P3 to P6 in PSLE Science 

How to avoid common "exam-traps"  and exposure to exam-type questions

Analysis of experimental questions (Aim, Fair Test, Control set-up)

Golden keywords to use in Open-Ended questions.

Question analysis techniques to tackle Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions

Topics Covered


Session 1


Life Cycle



Water and Water Cycle

Session 2

Aim of Experiment

Relationship Qn

Fair Test

Control Set-up


HOT Questions


Session 1

Plant System

Human System


Electrical System

Heat and Light

Session 2


Forms of Energy

Energy Conversion

HOT Questions


Session 1




Food relationships

Man and the Environment

Schedule and Fees

Date: 3 June 2024 - 5 June 2024


Day 1: 3 June 2024 (Mon) 9AM – 3PM, Lunch Break: 12PM – 1PM

Day 2: 4 June 2024 (Tues) 9AM – 3PM, Lunch Break: 12PM – 1PM

Day 3: 5 June 2024 (Wed) 9AM – 12PM

Total Duration:  13 hours

Format of Class: Full Onsite (Limited slots available) / Full Online 

Fees: S$380 (Inclusive of notes and materials) 

What our past Crash Course participants say

"I attended the PSLE crash course in June. I loved the course a lot with the use of Kahoot. It made everything more fun and engaging. I learnt how not to be so careless in mcq questions and it also helped me recap my earlier year topics. I feel more confident in science and even though the course is 13 hours, I did not feel as drained as I imagined with Kahoot and fun fringe activities. Would really recommend this to anyone struggling in science and want to revise in a fun way!

Anthea Faith Goh

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

"I attended the PSLE Science Crash Course in June. I found the Crash Course to be good, giving me a through revision. Through this, I can relearn topics and skills that I have forgotten, discover my misconceptions and the areas I am weak in by exposing me to more questions. Ms Suzanne also takes her time to answer questions that we are unsure of. Also, it isn't too tiring because of the fringe activities that we take part in through Kahoot."

 Ong Yue Yu Valerie

Rulang Primary School

"I attended the PSLE Science Crash Course in June. I enjoyed the course a lot. I liked how there were breaks at the right intervals and how learning was made fun by the use of Kahoot. I learnt more about Interactions and Energy as well as other topics. This greatly helped me in the revision of my Science concepts and I am now more confident with my Science. In my opinion, the lessons were paced just nicely and I would definitely recommend this crash course to my friends."

Samaya Bajenting Mahalingam

Seng Kang Primary School

"I really had a whale of a time at the crash course and I really like how lessons are conducted. Not only does this course teach with fun, but it also gives us a way to be more confident in answering for Science. Really loved it! Would definitely recommend to my peers!"

Caelan Gunalan

Rulang Primary School

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