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Secondary 1 Math Tuition Programme

Building your child's confidence in Math

Secondary 1 Math Programme

Learn to tackle Math Faster and Smarter

It is not the same when you are guided by a Math Specialist.

A Rigorous and Structured Programme

Tutor Suzanne Secondary 1 Math Programme is crafted to break down each and every Sec 1 Math topic into bite-sized pieces, and guide your child through the most effective strategies to tackle every topic.
Understand and master key Secondary 1 Math concepts and formulas easily

In order to master Sec 1 Math fast, your child will need to understand the concepts & formulas and apply them into examination questions. We break down critical concepts and skills into digestible pieces for your child to understand easily. They will master the concepts and learn how to apply them to the most common exam-type questions. Through every lesson, they gain confidence in the subject as we review through the questions.

Learn to identify cues and use the right concepts to tackle Secondary 1 questions
We have consolidated through hundreds of past year papers and we will expose your child to every common question type that examination setters love. We will teach them how to pick out the right cues from the question so that they can identify the right concept and formula to apply and solve questions faster than their peers. Regularly at the end of every topic, your child will go through a checkpoint quiz to assess their level of understanding and to catch their weak spots for further improvements.

We have spent the last 8 years specially designing 
our curriculum

All to teach the most complicated  
Math techniques in the 
simplest of ways

Top-Notch materials for your child to learn effectively

Sec1 Math Topical Collage.png
Sec1 Math Revision Collage.png

We have weekly guided notes, tutorials, homework to deliver concepts clearlyWe also hold topical checkpoint quizzes and mock tests to catch students' weak spots as we guide them towards their A/A*s. 

All-Rounded student support so your child keeps making progress and achieves results faster

Online Student Learning portal with library of extra resources and lesson recordings for students to catch up

24/7 WhatsApp consultation for students to get support on homework and revision

Rewards system that motivates students to go beyond so learning continues outside class

Programme Details


Lesson Fee: $280/4 sessions (billed monthly)

One-Time Registration Fee: $60

Deposit: $100 deposit

Class Schedule

No scheduled classes at the moment

*Schedules are subjected to changes

Online & Onsite Learning Arrangements

Physical Onsite Class

Teaching is done in classroom over laptop and projector.

Homework is submitted online and solution will be gone through in class the next lesson.

Students raise any questions or doubts face-to-face.

Hardcopy materials are provided in class.

Online Zoom Class

Teaching is done over Zoom on shared screen.

Homework is submitted online and solution will be gone through in class the next lesson.

Students raise any questions or doubts via Zoom or WhatsApp photos.

Hardcopy materials are mailed to your unit at no extra charges.

Hear what parents have to say about their child's experience 

Here's what you can expect for your child

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure whether we are a good fit?

We are as eager as you in helping your child achieve progress in their grades.

If you are considering whether we are the right fit, drop us a message below and we will get in touch you!

Make sure your child is on track with our free topical Math checklist!

Check if they are on track to master all the skill sets needed to ace their math exams!

Sec 1 to 4 Checklist.png

Download your free copy from our Telegram Channel! 


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