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Experience our lessons with a Trial Class

Get started with a trial class to let your child experience how we guide them.
No commitments, no strings attached.

4.9 stars Google Review
300+ Students Impacted

Kickstart the journey to your A

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"Secondary 4 EMaths and AMaths from C5 to A1. Definitely recommended"

One of my favourite teacher ever. Super friendly, approachable and most importantly, very patient. My results always improve drastically after being taught by Miss Suzanne! She always find time to answer my questions even when she is busy. My results for Primary 5&6 Science improved from C to A*. Maths improved from B to A*. Secondary 4 EMaths and Amaths from C5 to A1. Definitely recommended

Liew Chang Qi

Jurong Secondary School

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"her continuous support and advice has helped me understand and improve my A'math skills and I'm grateful "

Ms Suzanne has helped me tremendously with my Amath this year. She has tirelessly rendered help to me on a daily basis when i have trouble with school work or during my revisions. Her lessons are fruitful and she remains open to feedback and has specially change her lesson structure in order to cater to the needs of the students, which i am grateful for. Her continuous support and advices has helped me understand and improve my amath skills and im grateful to have met a teacher like her.


Hua Yi Secondary School

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"I find her teaching effective 10/10 would recommend"

Teacher suzanne always helps me to understand a certain concept when i am unsure and her method of teacher is always at the right pace. she frequently asks for student’s feedback on about how to improve on her lessons thus giving allowing us to choose our preferred way of learning. she always immediately respond to the questions i ask and i find her teaching effective:D 10/10 would recommend:D

Raeyer Lim

Hua Yi Secondary School


  • Master complex concepts/formulas and approach challenging questions with confidence

  • Develop experience and avoid making common mistakes


  • Get access to the best materials that help you understand concepts faster and apply formulas easily


  • Be guided step-by-step under a structured programme and know that you are on track to your A


  • Receive support in-and-out of class so you keep making progress

It is not the same when your child is guided by a
Math & Science Specialist.

Primary 6 Math Tuition Programme

Available Classes


Tues, 6-7.30PM


Thurs, 6-7.30PM

Primary 6 Science Tuition Programme

Available Classes


Wed, 6-7.30PM 


Fri, 6-7.30PM

Secondary 1 Math Tuition Programme

Available Classes

No classes currently available

Secondary 2 Math Tuition Programme

Available Classes


Tues, 7.30-9.30PM 


Wed, 7.30-9.30PM 

Secondary 3
A Math Tuition Programme

Available Classes


Thurs, 7.30-9.30PM


Sat, 9-11AM 

Secondary 4
A Math Tuition Programme

Available Classes


Fri, 7.30-9.30PM 


Sat, 11-1PM 

Flexible Learning Arrangements

At Tutor Suzanne, we offer our students the flexibility based on their needs. All students are able to switch around between live-stream and face-to-face lessons depending on their schedule and preference. 

online lesson
Prefer more face-to-face interactions?

Attend the physical class.

Busy and overwhelmed from school or save some travelling time?


Switch to online live-streaming from the comfort of your home.

*Face-to-face lessons are subjected to availability due to safe distancing measures and space constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Register for Trial

2023 Trial Class Registration Form


1. 2023 Trial Classes are available for registration from 28th November 2022 onwards under the following conditions.

2. Trial classes are only available for new students who have not attended any trial classes prior. 

3. A trial class is free of charge if the student does not register for the class after attending the lesson.

If a student wishes to register for classes after the trial class, the trial class is considered as the first chargeable lesson.

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