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Our Methodology

A system of habits to learn Math & Science faster and score better results

Spent a long time studying and yet your child don't score that result?

The problem is that many students use the same approach to study for all Math & Science topics, when truth is, different topics require different learning approaches. The result? Students spend a long time studying and yet not getting their desired result.

Phase I: Identifying the Core -
Concept Core VS Formula Core

Fundamentally, every topic can be identified as either concept-core or formula-core and based on this, we can target the topic with the right approach and master it in a shorter period of time.

Concept-Core Topic 

Concept-Core topics first require that students gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts before applying any formulas. Any amount of practice would not be useful if the understanding of the concepts are missing. 

Formula-Core Topics 

On the other hand, Formula-Core topics require little prior knowledge. With sufficient drilling of different questions, students can master the skill to accurately apply each formula. 

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Tutor Suzanne Habit Loop.png

Phase II: Training a Habit Loop - Habit of Mind & Habit of Hand

We train students to spot clues in questions and the routines to execute. The routines could be a mental routine for concept-core questions or a physical routine for formula-core questions. 

Concept-Core X Habit of Mind

Concept-core questions expects students to apply relevant concepts step by step and form a plan to solve. Our programme put our students through brainstorming sessions weekly, and lots of questioning in class to train them to activate particular concepts when they spot certain clues.

Formula-Core X Habit of Hand

Formula-core questions tends to be repetitive and the application of formulas form the basis of solving each question. We put students through repetitive drilling to a variety of questions such that they would be able to spot patterns among the questions, and choose the right formula to apply.

How effective is this programme?

Google Rating.png

"My results improve drastically after being taught by Ms Suzanne"

One of my favourite teacher ever. Super friendly, approachable and most importantly, very patient. My results always improve drastically after being taught by Miss Suzanne! She always find time to answer my questions even when she is busy. My results for Primary 5&6 Science improved from C to A*. Maths improved from B to A*. Secondary 4 EMaths and Amaths from C5 to A1. Definitely recommended

Liew Chang Qi

Jurong Secondary School

Google Rating.png

"she always immediately respond to the questions I ask and I find her teaching effective. 10/10 would recommend"

Teacher suzanne always helps me to understand a certain concept when i am unsure and her method of teaching is always at the right pace. she frequently asks for student’s feedback on about how to improve on her lessons thus giving allowing us to choose our preferred way of learning. she always immediately respond to the questions i ask and i find her teaching effective:D 10/10 would recommend :D

Raeyer Lim

Hua Yi Secondary School

Google Rating.png

"made me understand what was going on in school much easier and I could score much better"

Ms Suzanne is a really helpful teacher. She help students understand school topics clearly and ensures that students have an idea on the topics they would be studying beforehand. She touches on topics earlier than in my school, this made me understand what was going on in school much easier and i could score much much better in school. During her lessons , she ensures that learning take place and would give students excellent understanding of each topic. She would also help students out of lessons, if there is trouble with school work she would be there to help.

Megane Chua 
Jurong Secondary School

We build your child's confidence in Math & Science starting from their first lesson

Primary 6 Math

Conquer PSLE Math and stretch your child to their fullest potential

Primary 6 Science

Conquer PSLE Science and stretch your child to their fullest potential

Secondary 1 Math

Make a smooth transition from primary to secondary school Math

Secondary 2

Build solid foundation for upper secondary A'Math and E'Math

Secondary 3
A Math & E Math

Learn the formulas and techniques to ace O'Level A' & E' Math

Secondary 4
A Math & E Math

Master the essential skills to ace O'Level A'Math and E'Math

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