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Request for Replacement Class

Quick Info:

To arrange for a replacement class, go to this link:



1. Lessons missed may be replaced only on a lesson of the same level, same subject within

the same academic week. Our academic week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

2. If the other replacement class slots are unsuitable, students may review the lesson recordings

uploaded on the learning portal after Saturday, 6pm of the week as a form of replacement.

Detailed Guide:


To arrange for a replacement class, go to this link:

Note that replacement classes can only be done within the same week.


Fill in all the required sections and press ‘Next’.


Choose the class which you are currently attending and press ‘Next’.


Choose your replacement class (within the same academic week) and press ‘Submit’.

Replacement class is confirmed upon submission. You will only be contacted if the replacement class selected is unavailable.

NOTE: In the event that replacement classes are not suitable, view the recordings on the learning portal.

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