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2 Day PSLE Math
Problem Sums
Crash Course

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"Top 20 PSLE Crash Courses and Intensive Tuition"

Conquer Problem Sums

The PSLE Math Problem Sums Crash Course consists of 2 x 3h classes targeted solely at conquering exam-favourite problem sums from the 4 biggest pain-topics - Whole Numbers, Fractions, Ratio and Percentage.

Students can expect a highly intensive course that teaches them how to identify question types, simplify complicated problem sums and exposure to critical problem sums solving skills.

Here's what your child will learn from the course

Problem Sums ONLY masterclass

Targeted drilling in the 4 most highly-feared pain topics each lesson

How to identify question type and simplify seemingly complicated problem sums

Exposure to exam-favourite problem sums

Topics Covered

Lesson 1



Lesson 2


Whole Numbers

Schedule and Fees

Date & Time: 

10 June 2024 - 11 June 2024

Total Duration: 

Lesson 1 - 10 June 2024 (Mon) ,  9AM - 12PM

Lesson 2 - 11 June 2024 (Tues) , 9AM - 12PM

Format of Class: Full onsite (Limited slots available) /  Full online 

Fees: S$210 (Inclusive of notes and materials) 

Frequently Asked Questions

What our past Crash Course participants say

“I attended the PSLE problem sums class in June and i find it interesting where i would learn different methods and the common mistakes when doing the questions, it also teaches how to find out which method is for which questions and i find it very useful.”

Livia Loh

West Grove

Primary School

“I attended the course in June and enjoyed as i had learnt how to answer common math questions tested correctly. I feel like the pace is just nice and I like that the teacher interacted with the students through the chat function. I would recommend this to my friends :) ”

Lee Jaimee



“The course was very fun and I understood everything and I liked how we were free to type in our questions and have them answered for us. The pace is also not too fast and not too slow. I used to have so much problems in fraction but now im a bit more confident :))”

D Sadhana

CHIJ Primary

Toa Payoh

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