Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you offer one-to-one lessons?

Our schedule is too packed to fit in one-to-one lessons, so we are currently not offering that. However, for students who are extremely weak, we are always going the extra mile to offer free one-to-one consultation sessions for them to clear their doubts.

Are group tuitions effective?

This question has too many factors affecting it to have a definite answer. The effectiveness of a tuition class depends on whether there is a structured programme, the quality of the learning materials, experience of the tutor and of course the engagement of the student in class. If your child is willing to learn and put in effort, group tuitions will be effective with an experienced tutor, structured programme, and great materials.

Do you hold any holiday programmes for students?

Yes, we believe that the holidays is the prime time for students to work on their weaknesses. Every June Holiday, we hold 2 revision programmes for our P6 students - PSLE Science Crash Course and Math Booster Class.

How is your tuition different from other tuition centres?

We pride ourselves on 3 things: 1) Rigourous and Structured Programme Our programme is specially designed to help primary school student master the concepts and skills using our SPA approach (Skills, Pattern recognition, Application). Apart from class exercises, we also make it a point to hold regular diagnostic test to allow parents to constantly keep their child in check. 2) Top-Notch Materials We invest more than 1000 hours into our materials and we are still improving them so that students are able to learn the subject more effectively. Every student will receive weekly Science/Math Explorer's Series at the start of the Semester, and Revision Packages to drill them with common exam questions closer to major examination periods. 3) Small class size Our average class size is about 6-8 students. To fully bring out the effectiveness of our programme, this is something we insist on.

How do you track the progress of my child?

After every topic, we will hold a short 30-minute Checkpoint Quiz/Diagnostic Test to check on your child's understanding of the most important concepts. As we review the quiz/test, we will highlight those concepts and students will discover their weakness and areas to improve on.

My child is very weak, can he/she catch up in your lesson?

Our tuition is known for explaining Math and Science concepts in an easy for your child to understand. From the first lesson, your child would finally see that Math and Science isn't that difficult after all.

Student Support and Fees

Can my child consult you on questions done outside class?

Yes, of course! We highly encourage students to do up extra questions beyond classes. Practice makes perfect, and we want our students to know that if they are willing to make the effort to do so, we will support them fully.

How can my child improve on his/her foundation?

We strongly encourage students to do extra practices at home and we will be here giving them full support to help them progress. Students can arrange for free one-to-one physical consultation sessions with Ms Suzanne, and all students/parents also get Ms Suzanne's personal number for WhatsApp consultations. Simply snap and send a photo of the questions to consult her and she will reply all questions asap, latest by the end of the day. (We are extremely supportive of your child's extra effort.) Parents and students have found this to be extremely useful, and Ms Suzanne spends an average of 6 hours a week answering students questions. Sometimes you may even catch her at 11 p.m. doing a WhatsApp consultation with her secondary school students.

How are fees calculated?

Tuition fees are billed at the start of each month based on the number of lessons in each month.

For students who enroll in the middle of a month, the fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

What is included in the material fee?

The material fee of $50 will cover all materials used in class. This includes our Topical Series, SA1/SA2 Revision Packages and all diagnostic tests/mock tests/revision papers done in class.

What is the withdrawal policy like?

If your child wishes to withdraw from his/her class, you may contact us directly and instant withdrawal will be accepted. There is no mandatory notice period and we will issue you a refund for the fees that you have paid for any remaining classes.

Time and money is of essence and we do not believe in locking your child down. If you find that we are not a good fit, we will fully support your decision in finding an alternative that works for your child.


What is your average class size?

Our classes have an average size of 6 - 8 students.

Are all your classes taught by Ms Suzanne?

Yes, all classes will be taught by Ms Suzanne personally and in the event that she is sick, a replacement class will be arranged separately.

Are replacement classes available?

Yes, replacement classes are available for students. These students may attend any other lessons (of the same level, same subject) within the same week subjected to availability.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we do. Trial classes are available all year-round. Trial classes are available under the following conditions. A trial class is free of charge if the student does not register for the class after attending the lesson. If a student wishes to register for classes after the trial class, the trial class is considered as the first charageable lesson.

Will there be lessons during the school/public holidays?

Our academic semesters for 20200 is as follows: ​

Semester 1: 2nd December 2019 - 30th May 2020
Semester 2: 29th June 2020 - 31st October 20200

During the June holidays, only classes for P6 students continue. We will also conduct additional crash course and booster classes during then.

There are no lessons on public holidays and replacement classes will be arranged on Sundays in the same week.

How is a typical lesson like?

A lesson usually starts with reviewing the homework given the past week. All students are expected to attempt the homework to ensure effective learning when the questions are gone through in class. Ms Suzanne will then cover new concepts and skills. Very often, students are able to understand and they will be given time to apply the concepts they have just learnt. Many of them will find it difficult at first, but this is normal. We will then go through the tutorial again and they will then spot the missing piece in their application. This lecture-tutorial-feedback loop weekly will help each student master the topics.