Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What subjects does TutorSuzanne specializes in?

We are the specialists in primary and secondary school Math and Science.
Our tuition classes are for Upper Primary and Secondary school students, taking PSLE Math, PSLE Science,  O’Levels A and E Math. 

Who are your tutors?

Ms. Suzanne Tan is our main tutor, taking all our math and science classes. She has more than 5 years of tutoring experience, and is a NUS Bachelor of Science graduate majoring in Mathematics. Curriculum planning involves Mr. Ray Ang, our academic advisor, who is also an NUS graduate majoring in Mathematics.

How many students are there in a class?

We believe in quality over quantity. All our classes are capped at 6 students, with 2 seats available for replacement class students. We believe that students learn best in a small group setting, gaining benefits in both peer learning and individualized attention!

Read more about the benefits of small group tuition here!


If my child is sick or is unable to attend lessons due to school commitments, will there be any replacement classes?

Yes, replacement classes are available for students who missed a class due to:
(a) Medical Leave (MC to be provided, parental letters not accepted)
(b) School activities (letter of notice from school required)
(c) External examinations (e.g. piano exam, DSA interview)
These students may attend any other lessons (of the same level, same subject) within the same week subjected to availability.

*For some really unfortunate events, we will waive the tuition fees accordingly.

Will there be lessons conducted during the school holidays?

Our academic semesters for 20200 is as follows: ​

Semester 1: 2nd December 2019 - 30th May 2020
Semester 2: 29th June 2020 - 31st October 20200


During the June holidays, crash courses are conducted for students to catch-up or revise. 

Are there lessons during public holidays?

There are no lessons on public holidays and replacement classes will be arranged on Sundays in the same week. 


What are consultations?

Consultations are extra sessions for students to clarify their doubts about materials covered in class or in school. During the consultation slot, they may bring work that they have difficulty understanding and the tutor will explain to them. These slots give more individual time to students who have difficulty absorbing certain concepts in class.

Some consultations sessions will be reserved for students who are weaker during periods close to the mid year exams or end of year exams. 

How do I book a consultation session?

Students can visit to book a session. It's a fuss-free website for you to choose a time slot accordingly to your schedule. 

Will you provide materials for consultations?

No materials will be given during the consultation sessions. However upon request, optional worksheets may be given to students for them to complete at home and the tutor can go through the worksheet during the session. 

How long can I book a slot for?

The consultation sessions are booked in intervals of 20mins.  

Who will conduct the consultation sessions?

All consultations are currently conducted by Ms. Suzanne. 

Are there any fees to be paid for the consultations?

No, consultations are absolutely free of charge as they are meant to encourage students to be more proactive in learning and to clarify what  they are unsure of. 




Are there any registration fees or deposit to be paid?

No, there are no registration fees and deposit to be paid.

A yearly material fee of $50 will be collected, per subject. This includes all notes, class exercises, and revision test package.
Material fee is the same regardless of when a student joins the class. 

When is tuition fees due?

All payment for tuition fees has to be made by the first week of every month. A notice of payment amount will be sent out on the last week of every month. 

What are the payment methods available?

Payment are accepted in the form of cash, bank transfer/PayNow/DBS PayLah.
Cashless payment methods are highly preferred.

What if there are 5 weeks in a month?

Fees will be pro-rated by the number of lessons in a month.

If my child starts in the middle of a month, how will the payment be like?

The monthly fees will be pro-rated accordingly to the number of lessons left.

What is the withdrawal policy?

If your child wishes to withdraw from his/her class, you may contact us directly and instant withdrawal will be accepted. However, no refunds for remaining classes will be given.




Are there any one-to-one tuition slots available?

One-to-one tuition slots are extremely limited and are usually on a case-by-case basis. Slots are reserved for extremely weak students, or students who have difficulties attending classes at our location. 

Why are trial lessons beneficial? 

As much as we believe in our curriculum and teachers, we are aware that there is no one-size-fit-all solution. A trial lesson allows your child to experience our lessons and determine whether the learning environment and teaching style is suitable for them.

Simply contact us to arrange for a free trial lesson.

Are there any promotions that I am eligible for?

Yes! In fact many.

Sign up for both math and science classes qualify for "Math Science Geek" promotion. 

Get 10% off monthly fees for the second subject.


Sign up with your friends/siblings to get our “Good things in Pair” promotion.

Bring one buddy to enjoy 20% off first month fees for both of you.

More questions about our classes?

Come talk to us! 

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Tutor Suzanne specializes in small group tuition in primary, secondary math & science at Jurong West, using our unique approach and in-house materials. We seek to develop interests in math & science, and bring out the excellence in every child.


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