2021 June Holiday Programme
PSLE Science Revision
Crash Course

(14th - 16th June 2021)

"Top 20 PSLE Crash Courses and Intensive Tuition"

Improve Mastery of Science

The PSLE Science Crash Course is a 13-hour content-packed course where we give a comprehensive review of the key concepts, common "exam-traps", and the golden keywords needed to tackle the PSLE Science Examination.

Students can expect a highly intensive 3-day course  which covers P3 to P6 topics, and also exposure to Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions.

Here's what your child will learn from the course

Key concepts across all topics from P3 to P6 in PSLE Science 

How to avoid common "exam-traps"  and exposure to exam-type questions

Analysis of experimental questions (Aim, Fair Test, Control set-up)

Golden keywords to use in Open-Ended questions.

Question analysis techniques to tackle Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Questions

Topics Covered


Session 1


Life Cycle



Water and Water Cycle

Session 2

Aim of Experiment

Relationship Qn

Fair Test

Control Set-up


HOT Questions


Session 1

Plant System

Human System


Electrical System

Heat and Light

Session 2


Forms of Energy

Energy Conversion

HOT Questions


Session 1




Food relationships

Man and the Environment

Schedule and Fees

Date: 14th - 16th June 2021 

Time: 9AM to 3PM (Day 1 & 2)

9AM to 12PM (Day 3)

(Lunch: 12PM- 1PM)

Total Duration: 13 hours

Format of Class: Hybrid* /  Fully digital 

*In view of COVID-19 measures, students may choose a single day to attend physical classes onsite. 

Fees: S$350 (Inclusive of notes and materials) 

What our past participants say

“I think that this crash course is fun and memorable. I’ve learnt new things and made new friends & bonded with others. Now, I understand concepts better and I am able to answer more questions.”

– Celeste Tan

“It helps to refresh your memories in June and you won’t forget what you had learnt before the June holidays. ”

– Chloe Ang

“I enjoy the crash course as we learn to discover our misconceptions and understand them and the crash course is not too stressful but yet we get to cover one hundred questions in three days. ”

– Liu Jia Yi

“ The notes are very useful and I can refer to it. Crash course includes topics from P3, P4 and P5 which are very useful”

– Lai Yan Ting

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course like? Will there be any chances for my child to apply the knowledge they’ve learnt?

We have broken down each section into small digestible sections, and we will start off with content mastery. For every small section of content covered, your child will be given MCQ questions from past year prelims papers to apply the concepts. This content-application loop keeps the brain working and also keep your child energized!

What are the materials that you will be using?

Our notes are specially designed by our team and we have compressed all the essence into succinct notes - especially useful for exam revision. The questions are all selected from past-year prelim papers so that the entire 3 day section will be targeted at conquering the examinations.

Is the duration of the crash course too long? I’m afraid my child will lose focus.

We understand that kids lose focus easily and we do not simply let your child listen and do up questions. We break down the content into digestible sections with fill-in blanks, and we have also planned mini competitions, short fringe activities, to spice things up for your child.

Past participants love the activities and in fact, many of them wrote in the feedback form that the course was too short! Apart from learning, having a little fun helps keep them going!

Who is suitable for the crash course?

The crash course is highly targetted at conquering examination questions. It is suitable for students looking to solidify their science concepts, or students looking to get themselves exam-ready.

Let us give your child a push for their final lap.