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We have moved all Secondary School Math Programmes to our new website - Arc of Math

Read on for more information on Primary School Math and Science Programmes

Tuition done differently

The key elements to an effective tuition programme

Math and Science Specialist

Math and Science is our expertise. We focus and teach only these two subjects in order to provide the best programme and materials to all our students. 

Structured Programme

We break down the entire PSLE Math and Science into bite-sized pieces for your child to digest easily, and conduct regular assessment to track their progress.

Highly Sought-After Tutor

Ms Suzanne is the sole tutor of all our programmes. With more than 8 years of experience under her belt, she guides more than 100 students every year.

4.9 stars rating on Google

93% of our students obtain 'A'/'B's in their PSLE Examinations and 90% of them has shown improvements in their Math and Science results.

All-Rounded Support ​

All parents/students get
Ms Suzanne's personal contact to consult any questions they have. This is one of our ways to encourage continuous learning even outside class.

Small Class Size

Our classes have an average 6-8 students to encourage two-way communication. No more hiding behind others, all students are expected to participate actively in class discussions and learn more effectively.

Why we insist on small class size despite a long waiting list

A popular tuition centre with a well-structured programme, top quality materials and an experienced tutor will naturally have a large class size. However, we are all aware that regardless of how effective the tools may be, there is a need for individual attention to make the programmes effective.

This is especially so for primary school students, who tend to have relatively short attention span and are less independent in their learning. Hence despite the long waiting lists, we have been insisting on a small group tuition setting to allow the tutor to monitor the progress of every student, and guide them to achieve their desired results. 

Parents who trust us

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Here's what parents say


4.9 stars Google review on why we are the recommended
Math and Science tuition

70 reviews

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"she understood the concepts better and improved on her answering technique"

My daughter was with Tutor Suzanne for P5 & P6 Science. Science was her weakest subject, she used to memorise the topics and not fully understand the concepts. After she attended Tutor Suzanne’s Science tuition, she understood the concepts better and improved on her answering technique, especially on the physical science topics. Many thanks to Ms Suzanne for her great support and coaching rendered. I would highly recommend Tutor Suzanne classes to students preparing for PSLE.

Mother of Vera Jin,

Rulang Primary School

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"an amazing teacher, she explains very well and has everything planned very very well"

Tutor Suzanne is an amazing teacher, she explains very well and has everything planned very very well! I really like her notes and worksheets they are very helpful.. thank you teacher Suzanne for helping my daughter and for making her ready for psle! Really appreciate your efforts.

Mother of Lamiyah,

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

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"understood more on different concepts used on problem sums"

My daughter improve alot on her science especially on open ended questions and for math she also can understand more on different concept use on problem sum. She enjoyed every session in the class as the teaching method is clear and easy understand. Thanks Suzanne for helping my girl to be more independent on her studies.

Mother of Mabel Soh,

Xingnan Primary School

Onsite vs Online

Whichever suits your child!

We offer students the flexibility based on their needs. All students are able to switch around between live-stream and face-to-face lessons depending on their schedule and learning needs.

Child requires more disciplined guidance? 


Attend the physical class.

Our location is too far or you want to save some travelling time?

Switch to online live-streaming from the comfort of your home.

What makes us work

The not-so-secret formula to an effective tuition programme

Structured Programme

At Tutor Suzanne, we have the entire PSLE syllabus broken down into bite-size pieces for your child to understand the concepts easily. Our programme focuses on content delivery at the start of every topic, followed by skill-based application to past-year examination questions. Your child will learn the common question types that comes out in the exams, and where the common misconceptions are.

At the end of every topic, we hold a diagnostic test to assess our students' progress and analyse their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Top-Notch Materials

Our materials have gone through more than 1000 hours of revision since our establishment and till date, we are continually working on developing the best materials for our students. It is in our beliefs that high-quality materials are what makes learning easier and more engaging for students.

At the start of the term, students will receive worksheets from our Math & Science Explorer Series where we focus on content delivery and skills-set application. As we approach major examinations, every student will receive a SA1/SA2 Revision Package. The revision packages are loaded with past year examination questions to drill our students and build their confidence in tackling those questions.

Register in a group and save more! 


"2 is better than one"

Bring a friend along and both of you enjoy $20 off tuition fees every month!

"Triple deal"

Bring 2 friends along and all 3 of you enjoy $30 off tuition fees every month

"No one left behind"

Bring 3 friends along and all 4 of you enjoy $40 off tuition fees every month!

Ms. Suzanne Tan

Founder and Core Tutor

Ms. Suzanne Tan, Tutor Suzanne, Small group math and science tuition jurong west

Ms. Suzanne Tan

Ms. Suzanne Tan is the founder and core tutor for all primary school Math & Science classes at Tutor Suzanne (Jurong West).

Being a Math and Science enthusiast, Ms. Suzanne started teaching since the first year of her undergraduate studies in NUS. She has since accumulated more than 8 years of  experience teaching Math and Science around Jurong West.

She holds a Second Upper honours degree in Applied Mathematics (NUS) with a minor in Economics, and is a former student under River Valley High School's Integrated Programme (IP). She has obtained 6 distinctions in A'Levels, with merit in  H3 mathematics, and she is also a recipient of the President's Book Award from NUS.

Ms Suzanne believes that Math and Science are about perspectives, and once students see the link between each concept and the patterns behind questions, they will ace it.  Hence, seasoned with experience as a former IP student and a full-time tutor for 8 years, she has developed her own set of methodology to teach her students, and 97.5% of her students showed improvements upon joining her class. Nonetheless, she is still constantly seeking for innovative ways to better her teaching and to deliver the best programme for all students.