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Tutor Suzanne

NUS B.Sc.(Hons Distinction)
Applied Math major

more than 6 years experience

former IP student

more than 100 students

I really like how lessons are never stressful like in class and I feel more comfortable doing Math. I have really improved a lot. I don’t even know what to do if I didn’t join her tuition lessons. Revision packages and past year papers are very helpful, and Ms Suzanne's replies are always very quick and precise.

Ei Zhe Qi

Jurong Secondary School

​I personally feel that lessons taught are easily understandable, and whenever I need help, Ms Suzanne is easily approachable. This class is a must join for everyone!

Goh Zheng Rui

West Grove Primary School

​The questions given are challenging which is a good revision for me. It pulled me from being a below average student to an A1 student. Ms Suzanne is very kind and answers our questions may it be from school or tuition, with simple solutions that is easy to apply.


St. Joseph Institution

1 / 5

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Small Group


4 - 6 students 
exam-centric curriculum
in-house techniques
diagnostic tests /mock tests
revision packages

PSLE math & science

O'Levels express/IP math



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Discover and learn science in a fun and easy way

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Simplify concepts and conquer even the hardest topic

Review Anywhr

Review the full set of lesson materials online with our Digital Library! 

We want our students to focus on digesting concepts during classes and not worry about missing out on copying notes.

Students can now access all annotations in class, and even if they missed out some parts, they can simply log in to get them! 

We customize each class to the students' pace, and not all students will complete the class worksheet. BUT, learning does not stop outside class. Workings and solutions of all class materials will be shared on our digital platform for students to review those questions that they missed!

Benefits of small group tuition

Located in Jurong West, Tutor Suzanne offers a small group tuition setting of 4 to 6 students per class. For Math and Science, such small class sizes are especially beneficial and ideal for primary and secondary school students to learn in.

A small group tuition setting allows students to stay more focused without distraction of other peers, and also get more individual attention from the teacher. Some students also find it easier to raise their questions and clear any doubts that they have. At the same time, the class is more engaging with the participation of other students. Quality over quantity, that is the reason why we have been keeping to such small group size for the past 7 years.


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Small group tuition (4 to 6 per class) 

Exam-focused curriculum (SPA)

Interactive learning

Creative in-house worksheets



Tutor Suzanne

our team

Ms. Suzanne Tan

Ms. Suzanne Tan is the co-founder and core tutor for all primary and secondary Math & Science classes at Tutor Suzanne (Jurong West).

Being a Math and Science enthusiast, Ms. Suzanne started teaching since the first year of her undergraduate studies in NUS, and she founded Tutor Suzanne in 2016 she has since accumulated more than 5 years of  experience teaching Math and Science around Jurong West.

She holds a Second Upper honours degree in Applied Mathematics (NUS) with a minor in Economics, and is a former student under River Valley High School's Integrated Programme (IP). She has obtained 6 distinctions in A'Levels, with merit in  H3 mathematics, and she is also a recipient of the President's Book Award from NUS.

Seasoned with experience as an IP student and a full-time tutor, Ms. Suzanne has tried and tested numerous teaching methods, and have developed a set of  in-house curriculum. She is still seeking new ways to better her teaching with technology and strives to explain the most complicated concept in the simplest of ways. 

Mr. Ray Ang

Mr. Ray Ang is the co-founder and academic advisor for all primary and secondary math & science classes at Tutor Suzanne (Jurong West). 

He holds a honours degree in Applied Mathematics (NUS) with a minor in Economics, and has previously worked as a Data Analyst in the finance industry. Mr Ray also holds more than 3 years of experience in one-to-one tuition, and group teaching at a premium tuition centre, where he experimented with numerous different teaching methods for IP students. He is now in charge of our developing Tutor Suzanne's curriculum framework

His ultimate goal for Tutor Suzanne is for it to become the avenue for students to learn and excel efficiently, and to be a relief for parents looking tirelessly for a good tuition centre. 

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Tutor Suzanne specializes in small group tuition in primary, secondary math & science at Jurong West, using our unique approach and in-house materials. We seek to develop interests in math & science, and bring out the excellence in every child.


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