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SPA approach

More often that not, students learn multiple skills to answer different questions, but they are unable to recognize which skill to apply when facing a question. Hence, we developed the  SPA (Skills, Pattern recognition, Application) approach in our curriculum.


Our class worksheets are filled with examination-type questions, such that students learn the most crucial skills needed to answer questions in the exams. Our worksheets also promote independent learning, and self-discovery so that students understand and retain information better.

class participation

Class participation is important for students to clarify their doubts, and to check for understanding. Our small group tuition settings allow each students to be engaged throughout the lessons, and have ample opportunities to participate in every discussion.

real-life application

To further develop interests of students in math and science, our classes integrate content with real-life applications whereby students get to see the link between what they learn in class and what they encounter daily. 

We have spent the last 5 years specially designing our curriculum

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Math and Science techniques in the 

simplest of ways

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consultation sessions

Some students have some questions from school or might have done extra work outside classes. All our students are entitled to book free consultation sessions with their tutors to ask any questions that they have.

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24/7 help (Whatsapp/SMS)

Students often face problems they cannot solve or concepts that they don't understand while they are studying. All our students get the personal numbers of their tutors and are free to clarify any problems with them at any time.

diagnostic tests/mock tests

Regular diagnostic tests are held to keep the students in check of their progress and competency level. This allows time for students to be aware and get back on tracks before major exams.  Mock tests are also held for all students before major exam to get them prepared for exam conditions.

revision package

Closer to major exam periods, comprehensive revision packages are prepared for students to consolidate and recap what they have in learnt the past semester. This keeps the students on track, and serves as good revision for their exams.

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what we do

Tutor Suzanne specializes in small group tuition in primary, secondary math & science at Jurong West, using our unique approach and in-house materials. We seek to develop interests in math & science, and bring out the excellence in every child.


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