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A short interview about our methodology and classes at Tutor Suzanne


"We hope that coming to class with us will be a form of enjoyment, where students learn and excel in joy."

What do you think are the reasons that students don't do well in exams?

In our opinion, the main reasons are a lack of skills, or a lack of interests. In fact, these reasons are correlated. Students usually develop interest when they are scoring better in a subject. In turn, students tend to do better at it when they are interested. As such, it is difficult for weaker students to improve as they are often not confident or dread classes, making it more difficult to learn and improve. 

What are the goals of your classes? 

At Tutor Suzanne, we strive to impart solid skills and knowledge to our students in the simplest way possible. At the same time, we understand that kids nowadays face more stress than ever. Rather than adding more stress to them, we hope that coming to classes with us will be a form of enjoyment, where they can learn and excel in joy

So how do you go about achieving those goals?

From many years of experience, we are fully aware of the difficulties that students face. Hence our curriculum adopts the SPA-approach, which has been tried and tested to be effective for exams (read our testimonials!). Our in-house materials are extremely exam-centric, and also specially designed such that it is concise and emphasises on the most important information needed for students to ace their exams.

We are also aware that the best Math and Science materials will not work if students do not have the ideal environment to learn. As such, all our tuition classes and crash course are in a small group setting so that all students are able to learn effectively. 

What are two things that makes you different?

I would not know how other tuition centres are like, but we pride ourselves on our Math and Science Explorer's Series, as well as the bond between students and the tutor. 

The Math and Science Explorer's Series for our primary and secondary students is based on a curriculum that we have tried and tested for 5 years. It is designed to invoke interests in Math and Science, and breaks down each topic into bite-size pieces. 

The student-tutor bond at Tutor Suzanne is very often our biggest appeal. Our classes are all conducted in a small group tuition setting of 4 to 6 students, and students have an extremely high amount of interaction with the tutor. More than often, our tutors build a great relationship with their students, who start to look forward to lessons and develop interests in Math and Science. 









Can you explain more about the SPA approach?

SPA is an acronym for Skills, Pattern recognition, Application. We find that students face 2 main difficulties in answering questions.


1. They have the knowledge but not the skills to answer a question.

2. They do not know which skills to apply in a question.

Hence, the SPA-approach focuses on Skills and Pattern recognition. Each student will first be taught different skills to answer different types of questions. Following, they will be taught how to identify which skills to apply by spotting pattern among the questions. 

How is a typical class like?

A typical class is held at our cozy place in Jurong West. Conducted in a small group tuition setting, lots of peer discussions and class participation are expected of all students. A session typically starts by going through our Math and Science Explorer's series, and thereafter, students will complete the class practice and go through their pre-assigned homework.

Homework are given in our primary and lower secondary programmes, but not in the upper secondary programmes considering the high workload of upper secondary students.





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"We specially developed the
SPA-approach, which has been tried and tested to be effective for exams."

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Tutor Suzanne specializes in small group tuition in primary, secondary math & science at Jurong West, using our unique approach and in-house materials. We seek to develop interests in math & science, and bring out the excellence in every child.


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